Seasonal links across Europe

Here is a selection of links to seasonal jobs in various European countries. The list is not exhaustive, but rather suggestions that may contribute to your search.

Note that some organisations may charge you for their services. Consider each offer carefully and make sure you get a written contract before you embark on a project abroad.

Across Europe

Pickingjobs offers you various opportunities in EU countries as well as outside the EU. Typical countries are the United Kingdom and Australia.

On Fruitfuljobs you can find fruit picking jobs in the UK with links to fruit companies and backpacker links.

On Natives you will find various job opportunities and also info about making a CV.

Backdoorjobs is a UK based site with jobs and further links in and outside Europe.

If you are particularly interested in winter jobs Ski Staff can offer you catering ski guide and chalet jobs in the Alps.

Another site dealing with the Alps is called simply jobs in the alps.

Hotrecruit has hotjobs in the UK and a number of other countries.

Anywork Anywhere has job opportunities throughout Europe and worldwide.


On Arbeitsmarktservice Österreich you will find plenty of hotel jobs.

A branch of the same site is called Arbeitsmarktservice Tirol.

If you want a great number of Austrian links at a glance, then try Jobcenter

Agricultural jobs in Austria StepStone

Seasonal jobs and internships:


For seasonal work in France we can recommend 2-3 official websites:

On Agence National pour l’Emploi you will find French jobs such as fruit picking in the Rhone valley.

Another French link is where you choose the keyword ‘saisonnier’ to find several options.

Seasonal jobs and conditions in France:


Working in Spain is a site about seasonal work in Andalucia.

Balearic Jobs provides you with jobs and info about the Balearic Isles.

United Kingdom

Hotel Jobs for those seeking jobs in the UK.

Live-in jobs for backpackers in the UK.

Seasonal Staff UK especially deals with hospitality and leisure job types.

Jobcentreplus is the UK Employment Service site with jobs and information.

The Netherlands

Agricultural organisations in The Netherlands have made their own CV database on



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